A great way to learn about our services is directly from our customers who rely on them for their businesses. Read on!

"The consistent reliability of the service contributes to a very positive experience with The SMB Exchange, it is never down and it just works. I can do my daily business with my email, contacts, calendar, tasks and it all just works. This service is so great for me because I have an office in San Francisco and then I also have a home office and split my time between both. With these services I have access to all the same information from both places automatically, so it just does not matter where I work from I can accomplish the same things with the same data. I also travel a lot and having the Web access to the same data when I travel is also great."

"I was referred to The SMB Exchange by my colleague because I wanted a better email service for my business. Though my business is small, I feel like I have the power and resources of a large enterprise for my IT services."

"We needed a secure, platform-independent file sharing solution for encrypted communication between our corporate office and offices overseas. The SMB Exchange was able to quickly set this service up for us."

"The SMB Exchange has made it quick and easy to set up a vital part of my business - email, contacts, calendaring. I thought of them has the Lexus or Nordstrom of their space... excellent customer service."

"The customer support is first-class and very important for my business. These services are a snap to implement, have shown immediate results in our productivity and allow me to really focus on my business rather than what seemed to be constant email problems. This solution is awesome, something I can't live without now and it has simplified all of my business operations."

"Great support, I can get my system anywhere/anytime. This solution has made my life so much easier. We have a small business and feel like we have an enterprise level system and staff."

"The SMB Exchange is a great small business solution to help companies get off the ground and grow. Their personal responsiveness makes it all work."

"I have several locations where I conduct business and also travel frequently. With your services, I can transparently access and manage my email, contacts and important documents wherever I am. The system is rock-solid, I have yet to experience downtime and the performance is great. I have peace of mind knowing that all my important documents are backed up."

"When our business needed to start using email, I was dreading the possibility of hiring a network administrator and throwing money at expensive hardware and software licenses. When I signed up with The SMB Exchange, I was using Outlook within the same day; I never realized how easy it would be to get connected."

"It never crashes. That's all that matters."

"I really like The SMB Exchange, they have been great in personally helping me through some tough support issues when needed. Thanks."

"When I first started by business, I didn't hesitate contacting The SMB Exchange to handle the IT services. With the experience I've had with them taking care of my personal domain, I knew they would be perfect for my business also."

"I use your solution everyday to help run my business. When I send an email from my home computer, it appears in my 'Sent Items' and is accessible with my computer at work and my laptop using the Outlook client. I also use this for all of my contact management with Blackberry, so I can access my address book from anywhere. Your customer service is excellent, and it is nice to know that I can call a real person to help guide me through my technical issues."

"I'm no computer expert, but managing my email and calendar, and backing up important documents has been greatly simplified using these services. I can even add a new account to our system with just a few clicks of my mouse."

"I am impressed with the value The SMB Exchange adds to my business. I get a complete suite of communication services, I don't worry about downtime or losing data - and all for a simple monthly fee."

"As founder and CEO of The SMB Exchange, I am by far the toughest customer. I am proud to offer these services that I depend on daily for operation of my own business. Because I am intimately involved in the product, I enjoy listening to new ideas and gladly welcome suggestions from other users. I don't settle for anything but the best and I wouldn't even consider using any other solution for my business - enjoy!"

-Reed Sandberg
CEO, The SMB Exchange