Most customers sign up for the Office Package, which includes all services except website hosting for a single monthly fee. We recommend you add the optional Website Hosting service also, because site management and website statistics will be tightly integrated into your Domain Manager Console.

We also offer an Email-only service, and a Fileshare-only service.
If you choose Website Hosting without the Office Package, we'll include up to five free IMAP email accounts.

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Services: Premium Email (SSL IMAP), Contact Management, Document Management, Archiving and Backup, Calendar, DNS
Price: $14.95/month per account. No setup fee.
Email storage: 200 Megabytes per account
Additional email storage: $4.95/month for each additional 100 Megabytes
Fileshare storage: 1 Gigabyte (Check out our initial promotion!)
Additional file storage: $9.95/month per user for each additional Gigabyte
Anti-spam: SpamGhostTM. Unique service available only to SMB customers! Allows you an unlimited number of aliases so you can hide your 'real' address from Internet sites you don't know or trust.
Anti-spam: SpamFilter uses SpamAssassin as a server-side filter to organize or reject suspected SPAM bulk email.
Anti-spam: SpamGateTM eliminates spam at the SMTP header level to block known spammers even before they are filtered.
Anti-virus: VirusMatrixTM keeps email virus-free. The virus signature database is updated continuously.
OutlookTM: Support for advanced features of OutlookTM (via native MAPI call support) as an alternative to MS ExchangeTM, including shared calendars, collaborative scheduling and permission-based delegation. Collaborate seamlessly with non-OutlookTM users and access your personal contacts and calendar globally from any web-enabled device. Compare MS ExchangeTM
Web Access: Full web access to all services and data through the Web Portal.
Web-based Admin: A web-based Domain Manager provides you with different levels of administrative capabilities depending on your privileges. Add, Delete, Edit accounts (and more) with just a click of your mouse.
Fileshare permissions: Full control of user and group-level permissions.
Automated backup and archiving with versioning: Backup all your important documents and files automatically. The versioning option creates a copy of each new revision of your documents so you have a full history of changes and may revert or branch to a prior revision.
Reliability: 99.99% utility-grade uptime guarantee. 24x7x365.25 monitoring.
Backups and data protection: Daily backups and weekly offsite backups.

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Services: Webhosting, Backup, DNS
Price: $19.95/month. No setup fee.
Website storage: 200 Megabytes
Additional storage: $4.95/month for each additional 100 Megabytes
Data transfer: 5 Gigabytes per month
Additional transfer: $2/month each additional Gigabyte transferred per month
Full UNIX environment: Linux/Apache: cgi-bin, SSI (server-side includes), Perl, PHP, ssh, ftp.
Database: MySQL database server (optional).
Website statistics: Track the progress and performance of your web site with our integrated statistics tool based on AWStats.
Reliability: 99.99% utility-grade uptime guarantee. 24x7x365.25 monitoring.
Backups and data protection: Daily backups and weekly offsite backups.

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If you're not ready for the complete Office Package, we offer a Premium email service including contact management, with all the security and reliability of our other service offerings. $5.95/month for 50Mb IMAP (SSL) + Webmail (web-based email) + Contacts!  Subscribe and start exchanging email today!

If all you need is a document management solution to collaborate, backup and archive, we can certainly help you. Starting at just $9.95/month per user for 1Gb shared!  Subscribe and start using your Virtual LAN today!

Simplicity is the key to our stability and outstanding service. We're focused on the basics that are essential for business messaging and collaboration. We do only a few things and we do them better than anyone.

Eliminate the high costs, frustrations and risks associated with running your own server in-house. Let the experts take care of it and enable your business to soar!