The SMB Exchange Partner Programs are designed for partners seeking to deliver complete messaging and collaboration solutions to users of all kinds. Our unique, customizable, IT solutions fulfill the needs of consumers, small and mid sized businesses and select vertical markets with special needs. We offer three partner programs targeted specifically to the type of business you run and the type of customer you target.

Agent Program

Becoming an agent is the easiest way to start earning recurring revenue. The SMB Exchange Agent Program allows channel partners to sell SMB branded products through a website, a sales team, or by bundling with other services. Please contact us for more information.

Reseller Program

The SMB Exchange Reseller Program gives traditional channel partners the ability to resell private labeled messaging and collaboration products. Provide your customers with SMB packages under your own brand and customized interface. Please contact us for more information.

Service Provider Program

The SMB Exchange Service Provider Program is designed for the needs of ISPs, ILEC/CLECs, web-hosting companies, and domain registrars who are seeking to outsource existing mailboxes or up-sell customers to a professional, private labeled solution. Please contact us for more information.

Remember to ask us about our lead-sharing program!