The SMB Exchange is a leading Communication Service Provider (CSP) providing powerful, enterprise-class application services and solutions for small to mid-size businesses so they can take advantage of enterprise-level communication and collaboration services. With this combination of application solutions, ease of use and affordability, The SMB Exchange has won wide acclaim within both user and analyst circles.

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SMB Exchange has been recognized as a trendsetter in the areas of software development, small business services, and application hosting. As a leading provider of web-based business-class messaging and collaboration services, and Web Hosting. SMB enables small to mid-sized businesses, insurance, financial services organizations, ISP's, etc., to implement a complete collaboration suite without any investments in software, hardware or support.

With SMB, businesses eliminate the capital expenditures, complexity, and long timeframes typically associated with obtaining big-business technology.

Our customizable, web-based application and ability to comply with industry specific regulations are what sets us apart from other email and collaboration solutions.

Our goal is to provide an integrated messaging and coloration solutions for our end-users, either directly or through our strategic partners, at an affordable price. At SMB, top-of-the-line technology and innovative solutions are not only important, they are essential.

Core Technology Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The SMB Exchange brings robust, enterprise-class communication services, infrastructure and technology to the small business. We offer a unique set of feature-rich collaboration and communication services, highly available and globally accessible with uncompromising diligence to ever-present security and reliability concerns. These business essentials are tightly integrated into a cohesive and easily managed package.