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The Exchange/Windows platform has inherent security and reliability issues (e.g. slammer, spida worms, etc) and is why most providers can only offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee. We offer 99.99% uptime, this is utility-grade, which is the same as your phone line because for businesses like ours, email service can be as important as the phone service. We tap into global resources by offering an open-source based, complete replacement/alternative to Microsoft ExchangeTM.

Document Management

Exchange providers may offer public folders but this has very weak and limited functionality compared to our robust filesharing service. There are usually limits to top-level folders however, we have no limit to top-level folders and have a true user/group level permission framework. We offer many more options for access including encrypted secure copy (scp) and native Windows file manager drive access where you can map a drive letter to your shared folders right on your Desktop (SMB over PPTP VPN connection). We also offer automated backup (with a versioning option) and folder synchronization to ensure your files are safely and consistently backed up. Also, only we offer global access to your files with any web browser via SSL. The versioning option to the automated backup service allows you access to a history of your document revisions.

Web access

Exchange offers Outlook Web Access (OWA) but there are so many browser requirements, many MS Exchange users are unable to access email while traveling. Our Web Portal was designed to support all browsers so there will be no problems accessing your services from even the most remote areas of the world. We also offer an option for browsers that don't allow cookies.


This is a unique spam-fighting technique available only to our customers.

Safe, encrypted data transfer

By default, all communications and data transfers to our servers are encrypted using the latest technology. The default setup with Microsoft Exchange is not encrypted, allowing others on the Internet to steal your username and password. Providers may offer a VPN to your desktop but this is difficult to set up and must be done for each desktop/laptop. They may charge extra for this and it is difficult to find a provider to offer it at all. This is a situation where you may be opening up your entire company without even realizing it.

Functionality and platform support

Exchange providers and The SMB Exchange both fully support Outlook and its advanced collaborative scheduling and other features via native MAPI, but only we are truly platform independent. We offer desktop clients for these features on all Windows/Mac/UNIX environments so that Outlook is supported but not required, Outlook users may communicate and collaborate seamlessly with non-Outlook users.

Cohesive portal management

With our Exchange Web Portal, you have all the functionality packaged in one place including website statistics.

Mailbox limits

Most providers impose a 750 Megabyte upper limit on mailbox size. We don't have any upper limits on mailbox size and this is a testament to our vastly superior backend architecture and infrastructure.


Pricing is competitive with other providers.

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