The SMB Exchange has been helping businesses get on-line fast by offering fully managed, messaging, collaboration and communication services that businesses need for their daily operations. All services are securely and globally accessible with the most popular desktop clients including full-featured MS OutlookTM and devices such as PalmTM and BlackberryTM. Additionally, all services and data may be accessed via the Online Web Portal, and are therefore available anywhere there is a web-browser. Get online with powerful resources, current technology and the most talented system engineers in the industry.

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The SMB Exchange is a cost-effective way to manage communications. We offer a wide array of enterprise-class options and specialized collaboration features. Some of the key factors that set us apart form the rest are:

Platform Independence

OutlookTM users may take advantage of all the collaborative and advanced features they are familiar with, yet are now able to exchange and collaborate seamlessly with non-OutlookTM users - Eudora, Entourage, Blackberry, just name it.

Geographic Independence and Data Symmetry

All services and data are securely available globally from the Internet. Minimum requirements to access any service we offer is a simple web browser - no more being bound to a single desktop computer or laptop to access your OutlookTM calendar, contacts and Sent Items! Businesses with remote offices and employees working in many different locations will find this platform is perfectly suited to their needs.


The latest encryption and authentication technology is available including secure IMAP over SSL/TLS (SIMAP) and secure SMTP over SSL/TLS. All services and communication pathways may be securely negotiated, including WindowsTM native VPN support for file access and management. Email virus and SPAM detection methods are continuously updated.


We are proud to offer a 99.99% utility-grade uptime guarantee for all our services. Our customers have enjoyed 100% uptime for a minimum of the past 12 months! You simply cannot find a more reliable hosted service provider, period.

With no hardware to install and no software to administer, our highly available and feature-rich application is easy to use and easy to implement. For those who wish to customize their accounts and add enhanced functionality, we offer a variety of collaboration features that allow for increased member interaction. Choose from shared contacts, calendars and files as well as increased email and file storage (in 100MB increments) with no upper limits, and more.

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