The SMB Exchange offers core collaboration and messaging services including email, calendaring and document management. We seek to commoditize these basic services needed by most modern businesses by streamlining production, scaling availability and reducing costs.

Any information technology service that can be abstracted into a general model for most organizations and that can be automated with regard to setup and management, falls under the umbrella of our engineering endeavors.


Reed Sandberg, Founder

Reed has over 20 years of computer engineering experience. Before founding The SMB Exchange (and co-founding former boxIT, LLC), he was Principal Engineer of Infrastructure Software at NBCi. Among several roles including senior DBA, senior software engineer, and primary systems administrator, Reed served as chief architect of NBCi's Direct Marketing data warehouse and perishable-inventory management system. O'Reilly featured some of Reed's engineering efforts at NBCi in a Perl success story to support the open source community. Prior to NBCi, Reed completed graduate work in physical chemistry at Stanford University, where he focused on computer simulations.

"At the heart of these services is my motivation for creating a platform upon which I would trust and use for my own business and mission critical purposes. If you're like me, you don't settle for anything but the very best for your business, and I proudly offer these same services that I use for my own business."